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Lattice House is Interesting

Lattice House is Unique

Lattice House is Fun

Lattice House is Affordable

Lattice House is a store that sells a carefully curated mix of new and found pieces. Everything we select for the store is evaluated through a single lens so our whole collection has a consistent level of style and quality. 

Our goal is to help our customers find that perfect unique item, a hostess gift, a birthday present for that special man in your life, or just something for yourself to lift your spirits. We love when customers come in to look around and see what's new.  That’s the biggest compliment we can ask for!!!


What makes Lattice House different than other shops is that our inventory is constantly changing. New inventory arrives at Lattice House every day. It could be a new shipment of beautiful umbrellas from Italy or some amazing treasure from our weekend's travels. You never know what to expect!

We want our customers to see and experience new things every time they come to visit. We keep our prices fair so our inventory moves quickly. This is definitely the store that if you see it and love it - buy it - because chances are it will not be there the next time you visit!

What also makes us different is that we work with many micro Connecticut based companies. We offer a wide array of high-quality products made here in Connecticut not available anywhere else!  We call these products our Passion Brands.

We stand by our tag line - Lattice House Come and Explore


The Lattice House concept was launched and tested in Southport, Connecticut at a design event "Rooms with a View" in November of 2015.  At that event, we sold out our entire inventory in just 3 days. We were excited and encouraged to move forward.

In 2016,  we took Lattice House on the road! We did horse shows, marketplaces, fairs - any place where we could pitch a tent and sell our wares! This allowed us the opportunity to learn and listen.  We continued to refine our product mix and found our niche in the market. 

Later in 2016 we developed a multi-vendor Pop-Up Holiday Marketplace in Southport, Connecticut called "Pop on Pequot". This was the final "learn and listen" opportunity before we opened our brick and mortar storefront!

After 16 months of listening, learning - and positive feedback - we opened Lattice House on April 1, 2017. 


 Lattice House will always evolve to meet our customers needs and wants.