My Obsession with Books and How it Began

Those who have been to our house in Southport know that someone in the house has a serious addiction to books.   

There are books everywhere. The center table in the entrance hall is covered in books. The living room has four bookcases and two large tables stacked high with them!  Our family room is lined with bookcases, upstairs there is a tiny reading room lined with wallpaper printed to look like bookshelves. In each bedroom I have stacks piled up by each bed, and even more in bookcases.  The only book free zone is the dining room, but I have been seriously tempted over the years to turn that space into a combination library/ dining room. 

These books seem to magically multiply overnight, and one would never know I spent the past winter filling countless LL Bean bags with books to donate to the Pequot Library.  

My addiction started at The Pequot Library in Southport, CT.

Every year for the past 59 years, the library holds "the largest book sale in New England," which is traditionally held on the hottest weekend of the summer in July. This was a big event in our household growing up and we were encouraged to buy as many books as we could carry.  We would go several times over the weekend, riding our bikes back and forth and stocking up on books for the year.  And this was the beginning of my book stacks and the start of my life long love of books and reading. 

For me this sale was a high point of summer, like the 4th of July or the family summer vacation.  When I moved away from home I always made sure to be home for the book sale weekend.  

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm; it is always too hot, too crowded, the bag quickly gets too heavy - but I love it! 

The types of books I buy have changed over the years. I always buy biographies and always books on gardening and design.  I went through a cookbook phase, an art history phase, and a phase when I purchased sets of books by authors like Dickens and Stevenson. I purchased a set of books by the author Alphonse Daudet simply because the bindings on all 26 volumes were so beautiful.  

Books make a home looked lived in and inviting. I think nothing is more interesting than a wall full of books.  I can't imagine sitting in front of the fireplace without a few good books around me (and a really good cocktail.) 

My passion for books is why we carry a large selection of gently used coffee table books at Lattice House. We have books on gardens and gardening, design, sailing, and more.  I think books make a wonderful hostess gift - and an even better, a great gift for yourself.

The big, round table is always stacked high with coffee table books. I invite you to stop by the store, browse around and start your own stacks!

For more information on these and other books, please visit our online shop here.

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