Memorial Day 2020

Like everything else these days Memorial Day looked and felt very different this year.  No parade, no family cookouts, no dire warning from the AAA that this will be the worst traffic weekend ever - it was all very still.   

We decided to try and make the best the best of things and do a lobsters and clams dinner on our porch.  Our old house has three porches, a front porch, a porch off the kitchen and a large porch off the living room.  This porch is where we live and entertain during the summer months.  Since our house is built into the side of a hill the porch sits very high and catches wherever breeze there is.  It is furnished with a couch and wicker arm chairs and a dining table where we can squeeze 6 people for dinner (pre social distancing) 

We called up our friends at  Norm Bloom & Son in East Norwalk and ordered the seafood.  Norm's claim to fame is his Copps Island Oysters which are featured on every restaurant menu here and around the country. Chances are if you love oysters you have had a Copps Island oyster.  Going down to the dock to pick up oysters, clams and lobsters is a fun experience.  This is a working dock and it is great knowing that the shellfish is a fresh as it can be.

As it turned out it was much too cold to eat on the porch so we ended up eating in our kitchen. We opened up all the windows to give it a bit of an outdoor feeling, popped  a bottle of Champagne and gave thanks to all of those that served our country. 

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