Getting to know our Passion Brands - Meet Puja Pattni

We thought we would create a series of videos and blog posts to introduce you all to our passion brands.

Our Passion Brands are a carefully curated selection of products made by artists, artisans and micro businesses, the majority of which are located right here in Connecticut.  The people behind these brands make these products because they love to create. Their passion is evident and this is why we refer to them as our Passion Brands.
We decided that we should highlight the artists and makers behind these brands so that you can get to know them and learn about their products. We begin this series with Puja Pattni, a local Fairfield artist.

Born in Tanzania, the London native moved to Fairfield with her family eight years ago. A graduate from the London College of Fashion she developed a deep passion for art and design. But her painting career didn't begin in earnest until she settled down in Fairfield with her children off to school. Her new locale offered a wealth of inspiration. "I feel hugely inspired by the beauty of New England, the four seasons and the elegance of the coastal lifestyle." Puja explained that while London has its seasons, they lack the vibrance and colors that are found here in New England. This combined with her love of water are all translated and very evident in her painting.

Puja's abstracts come to life through her use of color and overlapping layers of paint that, when combined, create beauty through transparency and texture. Her bold strokes produce powerful movements, energy and fluidity that are created with the use of large pallet knives as well as smaller paint brushes to create the finer details. "To be captured by the image, you need to be captured by the subject," Puja told us.

"When you live with a painting your eye moves around the canvas. I like to focus on the details - those details are what makes my heart beat!"

Above are details of Puja's "Salty Seas" and "Washed Sand" series that can be found here, in our shop.

Get to know Puja by clicking on the short video below.

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