Gardening in Quarantine

The best part of being in lock down was that it gave me the opportunity to spend more time in my garden.  Since opening the store in April of 2017 my flower gardens suffered from neglect and I let my little potage go fallow (actually it turned into a nightmare of weeds and invasive vines!) Starting in late March, I bundled up in sweaters and gloves are started the long process of getting the gardens back into shape.  Being outside made quarantine bearable - there were even a few rainy days I ventured outside - just to leave the house and get fresh air. 

The more formal of the two gardens got a good cleaning and the roses got a good pruning - the results are looking great

We transplanted ferns and lowered the hedges a bit in the long green garden and got the fountain flowing.

Still too cold outside to set up Lattice House 

After we cleared out two years of brush, cut beds and put down some sod -  Lettuce was the first thing to go in!

We were very lucky to find some espalier apple trees at Home Depot so we added a pair of them to stand guard and to give some color to the stone wall. 

Well enough of this - more gardening awaits!

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