Bantam Bread Company

We decided to escape out of the house today.  Parker and I along with our dog Scout got in the car and drove to the Bantam Bread Company in Bantam Ct.

This small bakery in located in the basement of an old house that sits high up on the banks of the Still Brook River.   Due to the current situation they are now only open Friday to Sunday and only offer a limited selection of items. We loaded up on loafs of breads and bags of Granola as gifts for our fellow house bound friends.  If you ever get up to Litchfield County, a trip to Bantam should also include a visit to Arethusa Farms - for unbelievable dairy products.  They also have an outstanding restaurant but you will definitely need a reservation once they re-open.   Sadly since everything else in town is closed for the duration we headed back to Southport happily munching on Bantam Bread Company's famous Dirt Bombs which are round delicious cinnamon sugar donuts!  




411 Pequot Avenue

Southport, CT 06890

Open Tues-Sat 10am-5pm

Sun 11am-3pm




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