What are Passion Brands?
Passion Brands are a selection of products made by micro businesses, the majority of which are located right here in Connecticut.  Our candles are hand-poured in Newtown, our dog treats are baked in Wilton, our beautiful wood-crafted games and cutting boards are created in Trumbull.  
The people behind these brands make these products because they love to create. They are teachers, accountants, writers and designers, construction workers and moms who create these high quality products purely out of passion - It is what feeds their souls.  This is why we call them Passion Brands.
We have hand selected these items to carry in the store because they are beautiful and unique and can't be found on Amazon. We are honored to present these products to our customers.  Please help support these amazing artisans and help keep their passions alive.

Passion Brands

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The Olfactory Collection captures the essence of Hound House, our 1700’s Connecticut farmhouse and garden.  Created in small batches and hand-poured in Connecticut, our candles are naturally scented and provide a clean, long-lasting burn. The candles are 100% soy, and they are phthalate free. We carefully package each candle in our signature Hound House style: black tissue, kraft krinkle, and black gift box tailored with grosgrain ribbon.

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Zach Dunn has his new studio in Trumbull, CT.

He received his Master of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and his BA from The College of William and Mary in Virginia. 

His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally


He is an active member of the DS Institute, an international artist collective aimed at creating contextual artwork that responds to its direct environment but has larger cultural applications. He is also an object maker and believes in the intrinsic value of the handmade entity.


Park City Honey creates socially responsible, honey-based confections and foods. They employ and train young women from Bridgeport, CT teaching them about the food industry: social and communication skills, sales and marketing, and more. 

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Beth and Cynthia have been great friends for many years. They both delight in the visual and unexpected, and their shared enthusiasm and sensibility led them to team up as creative collaborators. Beth has extensive experience in retail and fashion, and Cynthia is a freelance illustrator, whose work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and most recently Haiku for the Single Girl, published by Penguin Books. Together they decided to create a line of fresh products, embellished with the lighthearted charm of a simple line drawing. Encouraged by the success of their collection of letterpress stationery, they have expanded their range of offerings to include soft goods such as tees, tea towels and totes.


Our lip-smacking, tail wagging Irish Dog Biscuits are homemade from premium all natural and organic ingredients like rolled Irish Oats, organic rosemary, parsley, whole wheat, and cinnamon and baked daily to ensure freshness and satisfaction. We never use any chemical preservatives, animal by-products or genetically manufactured organisms (GMO) in our biscuits.

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Sweet Dream Magnesium Cream was created to help you sleep deeper,  longer, and harder.   Made from six nutrient-rich natural ingredients, this magnesium cream is handcrafted to nourish and relax your whole body starting at the tips of your toes!


Apply Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream to the bottoms of your feet or tops of thighs for maximum absorption fifteen minutes before bedtime!

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Paintings of in a variety of styles that have developed over the years spanning from representational to abstracts, using significant colours and overlapping layers of paint to create beauty through transparency and texture.  I feel hugely inspired by the beauty of New England, the four seasons and the elegance of the coastal lifestyle. Its beauty truly takes my breath away every single day, it’s what makes me take longer walks, what starts our days on the beach and ends our weeks watching the gorgeous sunset! 


Southport Studios

My passion for decoupage led me to start Southport Studios.  I started designing decoupage Oyster Shells -  there is something so unique and beautiful about Oyster Shells, each shell is entirely different from the next. Half of the fun and excitement in my projects is scouring our beaches and being on the hunt for the largest and cleanest shells that I can find.  I have recently expanded my business to now include decoupage drink coasters.

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Kent Lewis

Growing up in the Finger Lakes and watching my dad work on the cottage, I was always interested in building things.  At a very early age my father taught me how to safely use all of the tools in his shop.   I remember taking scrap wood to build small boats using the table saw to shape the hull and the router to carve out the seating.   I always enjoyed creating smaller things. I then started designing toys and games for friends and family - I was encouraged to sell my products to a wider audience so I created Kenny Creations.  Today we sell a variety of handcrafted boards and games for you to enjoy!