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We don’t think its that hard to find a beautiful and affordable gift for a guy. We carry a large selection of men's grooming products - shaving and beard care products from Italy, hair brushes, shampoos, body wash, hair gels, and creams, and face creams and scrubs - we even have Dopp kits to put in all in when he goes to the gym!  Why not a beautiful imported umbrella, maybe cufflinks, maybe something special for the guy that loves golf or tennis - yup we have you covered - and don't forget our large selection of new and vintage barware - always a great gift. 
















We love dogs at Lattice House.  There is always a big silver bowl filled to the top with our locally made treats to welcome our 4 legged friends to the store.  We carry several different kinds of collars and leashes, a wide variety of toss balls and toys, as well as grooming products and brushes. Everything you need to spoil your best buddy.  For our human dog lovers we always have a beautiful collection of vintage dog statues, doorstops, bookends, dog books and more.
















This is a passion point for us - in fact, it's our largest category. We love finding beautiful English cocktail shakers from the 1930s, ice buckets from France and incredible mid-century modern glasses from Italy. This inventory moves so quickly that we are always hard at work trying to find just the right piece for your barware collection. 



We look for beautiful, unique items that are interesting, or functional, or just plain fun. People ask us all the time where do we find our inventory - and the answer is from all over. We have scouts that are in constant contact with us as they travel the country looking for just the right thing that will end up at Lattice House. It could be a pair of Italian sconces from the 1950s, or a set of Keith Haring bookends from the 1980's or even hot plates made from reclaimed wine corks from Nantucket. We never know what we will have in the store next.


















Gardening has always been a core part of our lives. Lattice House is named after a garden folly that sits at the end of the garden at our home.  We cater to people that love good quality terra cotta pots, vintage urns, cachepots, vases and garden ornaments. And of course, we carry a large selection of beautiful books about gardening and gardens.

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Books are very important to us at Lattice House.  We are obsessed with books!   Books are a critical design element for any room and for any decorating style - from sleek and modern to traditional English countryside.  Books make rooms feel inviting whether they are stacked on tables and on the floor or placed on bookshelves.  Lattice House always has big piles of coffee table books placed all over the store on a wide range of topics. Gardening, Interior Design, Sailing, Lifestyle, Architecture, and more.   We collect gently used books so we can offer them to our customers at very reasonable prices.  A book makes a wonderful and thoughtful hostess gift - it's an even better gift to yourself!  Come by and browse our stacks! 

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