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A lot of people asked me if I always knew that I wanted my own store. 


The truthful answer is I think I have been unconsciously planning a store in my mind for years. I have always been attracted to small independent stores. I would seek them out in my travels and go in and shop around. I became very aware of what a store felt like, what you saw when you first walked in, what it smelled like, what music was playing.  Did you feel welcome?  Intimidated? Did the experience add up to one cohesive whole?  I would leave a store and think to myself - would change this or that, I would question why they had certain merchandise, and of course I would always ask myself would I go back to shop again? 


Little did I know I was building a portfolio of thoughts and ideas for my own store.


I left my career of 25+ years in advertising where I was the Chief Media Officer for a well known New York City agency.  The challenges of my career no longer inspired me and the long daily commute was beginning to wear on me.  I knew I was burned out and it was time for the next chapter in my life.


The idea of Lattice House came up when my friends and I started hitting milestone birthdays.  We were hard pressed to find a store that sold interesting and unique gifts to commemorate these occasions. 


That's when I first said to myself I should open up a store.  


Famous last words!!